About GarinFarm


Delight your senses in GarinFarm – an exciting multifaceted 14-hectare inland resort in San Joaquin, Iloilo, Philippines. GarinFarm is a delightful blending of leisure, pilgrimage, and agriculture that gives you an incomparable vacation.  In the versatile inland resort, you can find superb amenities — impeccably designed and landscaped glass-walled rooms with a breathtaking view of the ocean or the mountains, a wide swimming pool for adults and children, a 5,000 sq. meter man-made lagoon for boat rides, fishing and kayaking, and a route for horseback riding and trekking, among many others.

GarinFarm also offers you a chance to give in to your adventurous side through the 300- meter zipline running across the lagoon.  On the other hand, if you feel the urge to quiet down, GarinFarm has the perfect spot for spiritual connection with the Divine Mercy Cross situated at the peak of the resort.   And as you go up the peak, you will behold life-size and life-like statues, almost a decade in the making, of scenes from the Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Ten Commandments, and the 9 Major Events of the Life of Jesus Christ (Nativity, Baptism of Christ In Jordan River, Entry To Jerusalem, Last Supper, Agony At The Garden, Scourging At The Pillar, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension) culminating in the awe-inspiring Divine Mercy Cross.  These will bring you a fascinating and realistic experience of communion with the Anointed One.  No other resort offers you this wonderful experience – only GarinFarm!

Giving prime importance to nature and the bounties it bequeaths on us, GarinFarm incorporated agriculture in the activities offered by the resort.   Learn about the benefits of harnessing nature as you discover the useful secrets of farming – a trademark expertise of all GarinFarms. How is biogas made? What products can be made from bananas and coconuts? GarinFarm specialists can even give you tips on how to make a profitable farm in your small backyard. Gain more know-how’s from an intra and inter-cropping cultivation model and an ideal representation of raising domesticated and farm animals like chickens, goats, pigeon, rabbits, turkeys, lambs, and many more. Be introduced to the method of integration – combining plants and animals for maximum utilization of space.  Observe the processing of eggs, coco sugar, coco sap and bananas in efficiently operational plants in the resort. Indeed, the classic song “Bahay Kubo” comes to life in GarinFarm and you can emulate the practices in your backyard, too!

Experience your journey of life in GarinFarm – a journey of leisure, a journey of spiritual invigoration, and a journey of learning nature’s secrets and gifts.  Visit us, explore, and discover the manifold pleasures and treasures in GarinFarm. You´ll be very glad you did.