Beauty at its best

Life is beautiful. Learn it, live it and love it! Experience the beauty of life at GarinFarm.


Get a whole new perspective as you climb the 456 steps towards the 101- Ft. Divine Mercy Cross.

Complementing a life of pleasure and a life with nature is a life for the Almighty. GarinFarm offers a balance among these and offers a spiritual hub within the resort to give guests the chance for quiet reflection on the magnificent journey of the Lord and his eternal glory.

Symbolic of humility, the entrance was constructed with a low beam to remind all guests to bow before the Anointed One and give due reverence. And as you make your way to the Divine Mercy Cross situated at the peak of 61 meters, you will behold life-size and life-like statues depicting the Creation, Noah’s Ark, Ten Commandments, and the 9 Major Events of the Life of Jesus Christ – a beautiful and serene journey in the life of Christ and the glory of God.

Carefully crafted by local artists for almost a decade, each scene realistically depicts the important events in the Holy Bible, allowing the guest to experience and reflect on the supremacy of the Almighty. As the guests go along the steps, they can enter the exquisite replication of Noah’s Ark and live through the moment when the animals entered the ark with Noah and his family. As you continue on your journey to the summit, you will encounter more beautiful imageries of Bible stories and events from the life of Christ, giving you a resplendent scenery ideally suited for spiritual connection.

After journeying through the 456 steps, you will now behold the Divine Mercy Cross in all its majesty. The awe-inspiring cross is complemented by a breathtaking panorama of nature, thus truly embracing you in the glory of the Almighty. As you gaze upon the cross and the lovely backdrop, you will surely be humbled by, yet proud of, the graces from the Higher Power regardless your faith or religion.

Spiritual invigoration in such a marvelous setting is an experience only GarinFarm can offer!